Investing for charities

Our direct investment approach and long-term horizon is consistent with the requirements of many charity trustees.

Charity service

McInroy & Wood provides discretionary investment management to national, private, educational, and small charities.

The features of our charity service are the same as our private client service. These include a long-term investment horizon and focus on direct investments only, ensuring responsibility for and complete control over all portfolio investments.

Where specific restrictions need to be applied, our segregated service can reflect any investment constraints required by the trustees. The use of one or more of the MW Funds offers simplicity and convenience, where investment constraints allow their use.

Investment approach

The firm's principles and approach to responsible investing, dealings with clients and conduct generally, have been applied consistently since its establishment and stand up to scrutiny under the exacting standards required by many charities.

Our investment approach requires that we consider the sustainability of businesses as an important factor in all investment decisions. Our long-held principles have led to the avoidance of investment in certain sectors and business activities, for example defence, tobacco and usurious lending. However, by only investing directly we can also accommodate trustees' specific investment requirements with precision.

We have raised general concerns about investment themes and corporate practice in the occasional articles the firm has produced throughout its history. The ethical concerns addressed in these articles include short-termism in business; ecological conflicts; the responsibilities of institutional investors; co-operation as a basis for prosperity; the natural limits to growth; striking a fair balance in reward differentials; and the ethical dilemmas in investing - the same themes are reflected in our investment activity.


Formal reporting is tailored to the needs of the charity. Investment managers attend trustee meetings as required.

Costs and charges

A flat concessionary discretionary management fee of 0.5% p.a (plus VAT as appropriate) applies to charity portfolios with a value above £2 million, regardless of the portfolio format adopted. Our standard costs and charges apply to smaller portfolios.

For further information about our investment service for charities please contact us.