Ancillary services

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)

McInroy & Wood provides ISA facilities for clients. The management of ISA investments will be coordinated with a client’s overall investment objectives. We take responsibility for all aspects of ISA administration, including annual subscriptions.

McInroy & Wood also provides Junior ISAs through the MW funds to enable clients to save for their children's or grandchildren's future needs. Eligibility for ISA and Junior ISA allowances requires certain conditions to be met and annual investment limits can vary.


Many clients entrust the management of assets held in their pensions to McInroy & Wood, whether held via self-invested personal pension schemes or as part of self-administered schemes. In each case we are responsible for the investment management of the scheme’s assets only. Administration and any retirement and pensions advice will be provided by appropriate third parties. McInroy & Wood is experienced in working with a number of UK pension administrators and advisers in dealing with clients’ pension arrangements.

AIM portfolio inheritance tax service

McInroy & Wood provides an AIM portfolio management service. Investments purchased under this service consist exclusively of stocks quoted on the Alternative Investment Market which are carefully screened for their eligibility to qualify for Business Relief for inheritance tax purposes. The firm’s investment criteria for selecting AIM companies is the same as that for selecting all equities in which we invest.

Financial and tax planning

As part of our introductory discussions with clients about their investment strategy, we will provide general information on financial and tax planning matters. Many clients will, however, need more detailed specialist and independent advice which should be provided by a specialist tax adviser. In such cases, we are happy to assist clients who do not have existing professional advisers in obtaining the independent advice they require.