The conduct of our professional work rests on a few key principles:  

Genuine independence – the firm is owned by its directors and employees, without influence from the demands of external shareholders. Independence has allowed us to preserve a consistency of investment approach, culture and quality, which we believe are crucial foundations for any business involved in managing long-term client relationships.

Professional reputation – we regard the management of private clients’ investments as a profession, not a business, and this covers our entire relationship with our clients.

Concentration on private clients – our practice stands on its own and is not a small appendage to a large profit-driven institution.

Personal attention – we pay close attention to the personal interests and objectives of each client. The relationship a client has with the firm is with the investment team, any one of whom will be competent to deal with day to day enquiries. One would normally be designated as a first point of contact.

Accountability – we rely on our own competence to invest directly around the world and do not invest in third-party funds. The total cost of investment is thereby reduced, and we maintain full control of where and how clients’ portfolios are invested.

Fee charging only – our investment management fee represents the only income we earn from the management of our clients’ investments.

Performance – we rely on professional reputation, rather than short term results, to attract new clients. We thereby avoid pressure to take unnecessary risks with clients’ funds for promotional reasons.

These principles embody an ethical code which governs the conduct of McInroy & Wood’s dealings with its clients. Click to read our statement on responsible investing.