McInroy & Wood was established in 1986 by Alan McInroy and his stepson, Victor Wood.


The “Big Bang” in 1986 liberalised the structure of financial markets in the UK, resulting in the emergence of larger, integrated financial services businesses centred in London. The structure of these businesses made it difficult for them to accommodate private clients’ needs, and it quickly became clear that accountability and personal responsibility were being overlooked in an ever-increasing drive to sell products to customers, eroding and ultimately compromising the trust previously enjoyed by the industry.

The founders recognised those failings and established McInroy & Wood in 1986 to try and provide a service to meet the needs of its clients by providing them with long-term financial security and peace of mind. The firm’s ethos, culture and investment approach has remained unchanged since inception. It remains as relevant today as ever.

The firm's London presence was established in 2000. Four directors are now located in the south of England and attend to the needs of clients outside Scotland, including those based overseas.

Tim Wood, Victor’s son, also joined McInroy & Wood in 2000, having previously worked in the City. His appointment was critical in ensuring the continuing independence of the firm and Alan, Victor and Tim worked together to develop a long-term succession plan. Tim was appointed a director in 2003, Managing Director in 2007 and ultimately Chief Executive in 2012. 

As part of this plan, the firm developed purpose-built offices in Haddington, completed in 2007, where the majority of the firm’s staff are now based. 

An extended history of McInroy & Wood, particularly its investment thinking and culture, is available in a book of our periodic articles which were published to mark the firm’s 25th anniversary. If you would like a (free) copy of this, please contact us. Alternatively, you may view all articles here.

A summary of the firm’s history and the objectives behind its establishment can be found at:


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