Our service

McInroy & Wood provides a single service – discretionary investment management for individuals, families, trusts and charities.

An investment portfolio is just like a garden; if it is not properly looked after, on a continuous basis, it will soon deteriorate.

For some people, probably a minority, the management of their investments is a fascinating hobby. It requires good sources of information and advice, a generous measure of flair, and the willingness to devote a lot of time to it. Others may be interested to a greater or lesser extent in financial matters, but do not have the aptitude or the time to do it themselves. If you fall into the latter category, your needs are likely to be best catered for by means of a discretionary investment management arrangement. This means that you appoint a manager in whom you have confidence to assume responsibility for the day-to-day management of your investments. Having agreed with you a framework of policy and objectives, your manager will take all specific investment decisions at his or her “discretion”. 

McInroy & Wood’s discretionary management service is provided through one of two parallel formats: either on a segregated basis via a portfolio of directly held securities; or via a holding in one or more of the MW Funds. Where we make use of the MW Funds as the medium for managing a client’s portfolio, the client will benefit from the same investment approach and thinking as is applied to the management of segregated portfolios. The MW Funds were originally designed as a convenient facility for our discretionary clients to hold a complete portfolio of investments around the world, which might otherwise be impractical to assemble.

Our discretionary service is available to clients from a variety of backgrounds, circumstances and domiciles, including those resident in the US. This service is not suitable for investors who wish to manage their own investments or intend to invest for less than three years. Investors must be prepared to accept the risk of some loss of their capital.

Those not requiring a discretionary service can invest directly in the MW Funds, if they deem those funds as suitable for their needs.


Our primary investment philosophy aims to preserve the purchasing power of our clients' capital and, consistent with their needs, to grow it over time.