Our funds

The McInroy & Wood funds were established to provide an alternative format for private clients to access our discretionary investment management services.


The same investment approach and principles are employed in managing the MW funds as discrete private client portfolios.

Professionals and individuals to whom our investment approach appeals, but who do not require a discretionary management service, can invest directly in the MW funds.

All the MW funds can be held in ISAs and junior ISAs, as well as in personal pension schemes.



Portfolio funds

The Portfolio funds provide investors access to diversified portfolios of international securities (equities, bonds and cash deposits), which otherwise would be difficult and expensive for an individual to construct, particularly those with smaller sums to invest.

The two funds share a common primary objective of preserving the real value of investors’ capital. However, each is managed with a different emphasis on the respective components of total return – growth of income and of capital.

Specialist funds

The Specialist funds were established as an extension to the core segregated investment portfolios managed for private clients. They facilitate efficient access to two areas we believe are important constituents of balanced investment portfolios. They may also have a broader appeal for professionals and investors.


We rely on our professional reputation, rather than short-term results, to attract new clients. We thereby avoid pressure to take unnecessary risks with clients’ funds for promotional reasons.


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