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Returns from cash

14th Nov 2023

Inflationary pressures appear to be easing, and for the first time in decades cash deposits offer an attractive return. So why invest in shares? In this video, Guido Bicocchi and Isla de Haldevang share their thoughts on the economic outlook and the importance of investing in quality companies.

The importance of choosing what not to invest in

20th Apr 2023

At McInroy & Wood, our focus is on long-term investing based on the analysis of companies operating in different industries and countries around the world. Searching for soundly financed businesses with strong competitive positions has been fundamental to our investment approach since 1986 and has contributed to our long-term performance. But of equal significance is deciding which investments to avoid.
In this video, Isla de Haldevang and Guido Bicocchi discuss the importance of choosing what not to invest in.

Gas, LNG, and the Energy Crisis

17th Jan 2023

Our London Office hosted Dr Gavin Law as part of a series of talks on the energy transition and climate change. Dr Law is Head of Gas and Power Consulting at Wood MacKenzie and is a recognised global leader in LNG. In this insight, we learn about the importance of gas and LNG during an energy crisis and the long-term impact of a shortage.

Investment thinking

7th Nov 2022

The immediate economic outlook appears gloomy, as inflation affects both consumer spending and company profits. Central banks have added to the economic pressure by increasing interest rates. Despite this, there remain interesting themes that offer compelling long-term investment opportunities. In this video, Guido Bicocchi and Hugo Swann discuss how we are positioning portfolios to reflect our investment thinking.

The investment manager's job should be to…

28th Jun 2022

The transition towards cleaner, low-carbon economies will influence returns for many years. In our webinar we share our views and what it means for investors.

The energy transition starts and finishes with metals

26th Apr 2022

Our London office hosted Julian Kettle from Wood Mackenzie for a talk on the importance of metals in the energy transition.

Investment thinking

31st Jan 2022

Inflation is proving more stubborn than central banks had envisaged, as supply shortages and higher energy costs feed through into retail prices. In this video, Tim Wood and Guido Bicocchi discuss our strategy for navigating through this economic outlook.

Can we buy our way to net zero?

11th May 2021

Professor Allen’s talk is insightful, thought-provoking and highlights some of the complex issues that have to be considered when making investment decisions with climate change in mind.

Preserving capital in a time of bubbles

25th Feb 2021

Following the previous year’s rebound in Tech stocks, Tesla and Bitcoin there is much discussion of ‘investment bubbles’. We discuss why markets might be seen as “bubbly” and how we are positioning portfolios in light of this.

Investment webinar

3rd Feb 2021

One year on from COVID-19 the vaccine roll-out begins. As the nation returns to normality, we are cautiously optimistic. Our Investment Team share our views on the future of the economy with a focus on Smaller Companies.

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